VIVA  a new play by Scott Button 

Tickets on sale September 18th, 2017 at

A contemporary ode to unconditional love. Viva follows two strangers, Alice and Graeme, whose lives become intertwined over the course of one night in Las Vegas. Alice comes to the city in a desperate attempt to secure an organ on the black market to save her dying brother; Graeme is partying with friends when he finds a photocard listing the services of a prostitute - and he becomes convinced the woman is his missing sister. Dark, poetic and thrilling, Viva promises to be an adventure for audiences.

Warnings: 13+, Coarse Language, Mature Subject Matter

Director: Tanya Mathivanan 
Playwright: Scott Button
Cast: Patrick Dodd and Melanie Reich

Venue: Havana Theatre

Show Dates and Times: October 12th - (Preview 1) 8:00pm, October 13th- (Preview 2) 8:00pm, October 14th - (Opening Night) 8:00pm, October 15th- (Matinee) 3:00pm October 17th - (Evening show) 8:00pm, October 18th- (Evening Show) 8:00pm, October 19th- (Evening show) 8:00pm, October 20th- (Evening show) 8:00pm October 21st (Matinee and Evening show) 3:00pm and 8:00pm, October 22nd (Early Matinee) 2:00pm

Duration: 90 minutes

Ticket Prices: Adults: $22, Students $18 (Previews: Pay What You Can)

Past Productions: 

CRIMES OF THE HEART is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York

By Beth Henley

PERFORMANCES: March 30th- April 3rd and April 8-10th
TIME: 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm) 
LOCATION: Little Mountain Gallery (195 E 26th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V5V 2G8

General $20, Students/Seniors $15 
More information at or on our Facebook page or @brightyoungthtr on twitter.

Bright Young Theatre is proud to present Crimes of the Heart, the award-winning play by beloved playwright Beth Henley. Presented at Little Mountain Gallery, March 30th - April 3rd and April 8th- 10th.

Babe Magrath has just shot her husband. She was aiming for his heart, but to her dismay, she got him in the stomach. The Magrath women are once again making front page news in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, to the exasperation of their bossy cousin Chick.  As the Magraths reunite to deal with their newest tragedy, their secrets start bubbling to the surface.  With as much humour as pathos, Beth Henley weaves a beautiful portrait of three unconventional sisters and the love that unites them.

Directed by Laura McLean, the cast includes Joanna Williams, Melanie Reich, Jordan Kerbs, Christine Bortolin, Andrew Lynch and Jay Clift. Set and Costume Design by Laura Fukomoto, Lighting Design by Nicole Weismiller and Sound Design by Jay Clift. Stage Management by Shelley Stein-Wotten and Assistant Stage Management by Anthony Castiglioni. 

Written over 30 years ago, Crimes of the Heart still stands out as one of the most nuanced and heart-wrenching depictions of sisterhood. Gender disparity onstage and off is still an issue today; even more so when Beth Henley wrote this play in 1980. The women seen in this play are powerfully flawed and refreshingly real. Bright Young Theatre, a creative team of all women, is passionate about bringing forward and producing this ground-breaking play that has been an inspiration to generations of female artists.

Miss Cosmos: The 53rd Annual Intergalactic Space Bride Competition

What does it take for an alien to become a human? Your votes!  Miss Cosmos: The 53rd Annual Intergalactic Space Bride Competition is the place where beautiful creatures, from the far reaches of the multiverse, vie for your votes! As is the custom with earthlings, the most popular contestant will be declared the winner. This lucky winner will receive a prize of infinite worth – her survival! ...And a potential earthling mate.

I am by far most human and have picked up many anachronisms that are so second nature to humans. For instance, I have started a blog about my eating habits and how hard it is to give up gluten. Wow, how hard it is -- am I right? Am I? Am I? – Contestant YumYum Wingdings

Each unique contestant is the sole survivor of her home planet, whose sun has recently gone supernova and sucked the orbiting planets into its black hole. They arrive on Earth to take part in the Miss Cosmos pageant with the aim of convincing the live audience that they are the best at “being human.” The winner will earn the right to continue their existence on Earth, as an honorary human being. The unfortunate losers will be jettisoned into space, to be swallowed by the black holes that are all that remain of what they once called, “home”.

Miss Cosmos… is a completely original, site-specific work created by Bright Young Theatre as a part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival’s Onsite Mentorship program. Taking place on Granville Island, at the playground beside the water park, this wacky and wildly entertaining work asks the question, “How can someone find their true identity on a planet obsessed with popular opinion?” 

The playground beside the waterpark on Granville Island| Sept. 7-16, 2012|Nightly|8:20pm (rain or shine)| Tickets $12 through Vancouver Fringe Fest Box Office and